As high school students who always want to challenge ourselves by going to hackathons outside of what we know, we have found it extremely difficult finding a team and coming up with an idea for every hackathon. One of our team members was able to attend a hackathon where developers who already had ideas were given time to pitch their idea to large groups of people in hopes of finding a team with complementing skill sets that would allow everyone to work together and create the project. We decided to streamline this process into a hackathon specific communication platform so that all hackathons around the world can use it.

What it does

IdeaCloud creates specific channels that hackers at each specific hackthon have access to. All hackers in this channel can see and pitch ideas so that other hackers who are still looking for a team can connect together. This makes our project a conventional standard that hackers can use to connect with each other at a hackathon. Even if someone doesn't have an idea, they can still post on IdeaCloud just to search for a team.

How we built it

We built IdeaCloud using a backend in python flask using sql alchemy as our database. Front end was used with HTML,CSS and javascript. We specifically used vue.js and D3.JS

Challenges we ran into

We ran into conflict because everyone had different systems and we weren't sure of how to connect them

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're most proud of the D3.js because it created a sort of spider linking contact. We are also a group of high school student who aren't experienced compared to the other college hackers and we're just happy that it came together.

What we learned

We learned a lot about databases and vue.js because we weren't familiar with it.

What's next for IdeaCloud

We want to take it national by pitching it the Major League Hacking and seeing if they would partner with us and make IdeaCloud the conventional standard for communications at hackathons.

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