We wanted to make it easy for every citizen to be able to engage with their city, and also to put the power to improve into their hands.

What it does

It allows everyone to share their ideas for a better city. Clean that street, plug that leak, put a bench here. After the idea is posted, the community comprised of their peers, through voting, decides which ideas rise to the top, making them easily noticeable by the city hall.

What it does different is allow anyone to post an idea, and gather volunteers from their community. Along with gathering volunteers the posters can also start a fundraiser. With the manpower and funds acquired, all that the city hall needs to do is approve the project.

How we built it

We built the web application using the Symfony framework. The mobile application is still very much in development. Our awesome designers helped ensure a smooth user experience across all platforms (desktop and mobile).

There will be a main page listing all ideas for the selected city, which can be filtered according to a variety of metrics. When an idea is viewed, the user can upvote, downvote, follow it, volunteer for it(if applicable) or pledge money to it(if applicable).

Challenges we ran into

We are what would be considered beginners when it comes to working with Symfony, so I would say the biggest challenge was learning everything we needed to know to achieve our goals.

A second challenge was narrowing down the list of features to something achievable within the given timeframe.

And lastly, team work, and communication was a bit of a hurdle at first.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In only 24 hours we managed to achieve a functional prototype, and become much better at web design.

What we learned

Don't delete the autogenerated .gitignore file in a complex project! Sleep is for the weak! Friendship is magic! You can never have enough smoothies!

What's next for IdeaBridge

We will get in touch with city halls in our local cities (Timisoara, Lugoj, Arad, Pancota) and persuade them to use our solution!

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