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I spent the first few days after learning about MHacks Nano brainstorming ideas. Almost every idea I had was taken. Finally, I went to Facebook to ask friends for ideas, only to get no responses (only 6 hours later did I get anything). I realized that there needed to be some sort of idea hub, in which anyone could share ideas without much hassle and easily find helpers with it.

What it does

It lets you browse ideas, see what you like, and share your own ideas.

How I built it

Before my ride, I downloaded the entire MaterializeCSS documentation and library onto my laptop, in addition to React, ReactDOM, FontAwesome, Roboto, and Babel.

I proceeded to use the next 8 hours of the bus ride to try and code the backbones. Unfortunately, I realized too late that I only had 3 hours of battery life on my laptop. I got as much work as I could, and then once I arrived to my room, I used the wifi their to get more stuff done.

Challenges I ran into

Because it took so long to get an idea, I had only Friday to really work on it. Unfortunately, i was traveling for a competition on the same day. So I utilized the bus ride to work on the bare app and when I arrived at my destination, I tried to finish some more of it in my room.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Coding a bare basic social network in less than 3 hours of laptop battery life + 2 hours of wifi life at my room.

What I learned

React bugs are annoying

What's next for Idea Feed

In the app, users could submit ideas for public review, and gain backers (through a private messaging system), and upvote projects they like.

Features to implement:

  • Messaging
  • Upvoting
  • Tag Searching
  • Trending
  • Let users post only to a specific hackathon - so that if you're competing at a certain hackathon, you can join that hackathon's specific room and find teammates that way.

I hope you'll vote for this project based on the idea (I will be working on this on Saturday and Sunday, but if that gets

me dqed from competition, then I'll make sure those changes aren't published)

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