When we started the hackathon, we had a tough time coming up with ideas. Whereas, earlier in the day, we had so many ideas about implementing software to improve our lives.

What it does

Idea bin is a platform for people to list out their everyday problems that may be solved using software. In this busy world, people always have ideas, but usually not enough time to implement them personally. So, idea-bin is a useful tool for such people to see their ideas materialized, without much personal effort. On the other hand, young programmers today, have much difficulty coming up with new, original ideas for projects. This would not only help them gain valuable experience, but also some side-money.

How we built it

We used node.js for the back-end, and css/html for the front-end. We used the online platform 'Glitch" to collaborate and write the code.

Challenges we ran into

Since all of us had almost no prior experience in software development using node.js, we found it challenging to learn a whole new language and implement our program.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was the first hackathon for most of us. Getting through the 36-hour coding without immersing ourselves in caffeine was an accomplishment we are proud of. Also, learning a whole new language during that time adds to the feeling of accomplishment.

What we learned

With minimal experience in web-development using node.js, all of us are proud of adding another programming language under our belt.

What's next for Idea Bin

We might actually add a post-matching interface for programmers to learn more precise details of the problem so that they could solve it more efficiently.

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