This application will tie into your computers IDE and give you code completion suggestions, show search results, and provide you with a running queue of your projects build status.

This will enable programmers to have greater awareness of their projects and enable them to focus on writing code while also allowing for a better workflow.

I will be making this for Intellij first and leave it open for others to add their favorite IDE's of course.

The notifications are relevant only to the current tab you have open, so you wont get notified of mistypes or errors on a page that is not currently in focus. This is actually a feature allowing you to focus on the code you're working on.

Example workflows: Android Studio You have a typo that would normally show up in the bar on the right, it still does, but now you get a flash on your Moverio telling you about it.

You have a failed build on Jenkins after you start a build using the Intellij plugin. The normally green dot in the upper right corner turns to red, letting you know that you have a build error.

You have moused over a variable instance, the instantiating code shows up on your Moverio when you hit ctrl+shift+i so you can stay on the code you're working on right now.

You have right clicked on a function and selected search Google. the results show up on your Moverio's screen so you can apply what you are reading directly to your project without having to loose focus on what you're doing. it will use a system like readability to remove extraneous data from the page you're viewing.

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