This was mainly inspired by iGoogle. If you don't know what that is, its like a dashboard thing that was really popular and Ryan doesn't know why they retired it. It allowed users to access convenient information all in one place. iDash is also inspired by personal experiences of our members on their coop terms. As a worker, a dashboard can make things a lot more organized and easy to keep track of. In this case, we went one step further from the traditional bookmarks that workplace dashboards have and created many features we would like our own dashboards or online desks to have.

What it does

iDash allows users to access important information by conveniently storing it all in one place. Allows users to make their own todo list for the day, gain information on the temperature outside, view their calendar, make google searches, and even check out the news. These features are also all DRAGGABLE. View images/video to learn more.

How we built it

Our web app uses a React front-end using the Material-UI framework and Node-js. Our backend and authentication service is handled using Google Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Our first hurdle occurred while setting up the authentication for the user's Google to connect to the dashboard. We also had to try and test several APIs for news and weather in order to find the one with the most appropriate format to display information effectively. We faced a steep learning curve for Firebase and using it in our web page for sign on and sign off's. Installing and starting node.js properly to run and test our program was also an issue initially. Lastly, managing and merging conflicts in branches on GitHub slowed our development process as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are amazed with our creation of an interactive and personalized dashboard based on a user's Google account, featuring productive widgets that are handy on a day-to-day basis in our dashboard: news, calendar, weather, todo list, and links to key sites. We are also proud of the amount of hands-on experience we gained in JavaScript, React, Node, Firebase, and working with APIs in such a short span of time.

What we learned

We were rather unfamiliar with React, as well as making a website and using APIs, so this was definitely a learning experience for us in that regard. We also built on our collaboration skills - delegating tasks, communicating issues, and managing different branches. Overall, we learned a lot about the processes involved in building an application.

What's next for iDash

More thorough integration with Google Cloud Platform. Being able to integrate better with Google's Calendar and Tasks API's, and integrating the authentication system with Google Firebase's database.

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