Identity and Access Management

What it does

This is a Identity and access management application which shows how to limit access and roles based on who the current user is and their relation to some of the data. In this example, access to target systems based on what roles the person is in and that Target System's relation to each Role.

How We built it

First we finalized the requirement. We wanted an Identity and Access management system to give and limit access and roled to users for various target system. Once, that was completed we finalized the structure of tables we will make and then implemented it in quickbase.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding how roles for target systems can be configured but then using a table separate for target system roles we were able to do it

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Normally custom IDAM application development will require alot of coding since we will be building everything from scratch... but using quickbase platform we were able to create a basic enviroment without any codin

What I learned

quickbase tables, quickbase UI, Roles and access in QuickBase, pipelines

What's next for IDAM

Pipelines , when a new user profile is added automatically pipeline request should go to Jira , Service Now etc target systems to create a user through APIs

Built With

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