We figured that data communication through touch would serve as a safer, more secure, and more efficient alternative to wireless communication.

What it does

Our prototype is able to respond to touch by people who are wearing a specific identification device. The prototype is able to validate and respond to authorized touches, and ignore unauthorized touches.

How we built it

We salvaged a transmitter and receiver from an RC car and modified the antennas to be ineffective when transmitting through air.
With the help of our body, data transmission becomes possible.

Challenges we ran into

Within the small time frame, we were unable to make our own circuitry from scratch and decided to modify an existing circuit. Without any documentation and schematics, we were unable to pinpoint the components that contributed to the transmit power of the transmitter.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to come up with the idea and have a working prototype just hours before submission time.

What we learned

Working with a partner or two can help quicken the development process tremendously.

What's next for One Touch

We plan to send different data such as passcodes, text, and commands to trigger different responses from the devices being touched.

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