We're a team of current and former stroke caregivers looking to improve the lives of our family members through new therapy techniques to aid in long-term wellness and rehabilitation.

What it does

icTus Breathwork guides the patient through various breathwork exercises with soothing music and verbal prompts.

How I built it

A hybrid application utilizing HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript technology through Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into

We wanted to incorporate machine learning, however, the data necessary to create the algorithms for the application do not exist at this time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a product that can help a huge segment of the population that's easy to use and accessible to a wide variety of backgrounds.

What I learned

Technical: New techniques in mobile development, mock-up, team workflow, and details regarding the health industry.

Social: How to better assist as caregivers for family members in need.

What's next for icTus Breathwork

Opportunities to collect data to assist physical therapists, sync information for clinical follow-ups, and possibly predict future incidents of stroke.

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