More than 140,000 people were killed on India’s roads last year, according to figures released by the government However, In a country like India, with limited infrastructure and crowded cities, there is no fixed time limit in which EMS arrives. Hence, every minute saved in the primary response time drastically improves survival chances.


Integrated into the primary call center – 911 or 108 An agile drone (First Drone) with basic first-aid kit is sent to the distress call area and scans the region to identify the scale of the issue and exact location. The medical expert monitoring the primary drone judges the situation and dispatches the super specialty drone (secondary drone). The expert is able to convey the precautions to be taken and how to apply first aid till the second drone reachesThe secondary drones(s) arrive at the specified location with the right aid. Speaker system instructs bystanders to correctly administer the medication.

How I built it

RTMP Live stream of video feed from the drone cam to the dashboard enabled with IBM UStream. Object recognition : Video was fed to a data model that helped the primary drone to identify the exact location co-ordinates to send the secondary drone. Assembly of DJI S900 Drone with Open Source Flight Controller DJI A2 with development and fabrication of parachute and innovative drop mechanism developed on hand with available materials.

Challenges I ran into

Live Integration of RTMP Video with video analysis to detect people in accidents. Cloud integration and Accuracy of Payload Delivery.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

REAL TIME Human and Injured Human Detection Created a kick-ass Working Demo that was able to detect and deliver necessary medication to the victim within 10 minutes with Accuracy of 1 metre for Payload Delivery.

What I learned

Real time Video Processing Via Live Video Streaming using Nginx and RTMP Protocol Development of Basic Algorithm to detect people in distress and medical emergencies.

What's next for iCreate-FASCARE

More increase in Accuracy of Payload Delivery Improving Scalability and Durability of InterConnected Drones Automatic Accident Detection and Distress Signal Making the solution more autonomous Improving Flight time and speed Trying to sell the product to places where EMS Response time is very high Improving Algorithm to detect more medical emergency scenarios

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