We need an ample research on the issues faced by the local pcmc citizens

What it does

Our module focuses on understanding the letters and words from the handwriting and these words are referenced to check whether it relates to any domain and the said domain is supplied with the ticket also separately the people associated with concerned departments

How I built it

We tried to implement a completely custom machine learning algorithms build from a self collected manual datasets containing rich samples in three different types namely

  1. vowels
  2. consonants
  3. numerals ## Challenges I ran into Training the model with our acquired data-set and ensuring good accuracy at one go is tough task as it requires manual correction in case of un-matches ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of We were able to create our very own model instead of using any third party data like google cloud,etc ## What I learned I got to learn more about custom problem statements and able to visualize the problems in form of good dashboards ## What's next for ICR Recognition and Routing We will move ahead in enriching our datasets and training our model to ensure that we achieve 100 % end to end recognition and routing to different departments effectively
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