Inspiration came from where we didn’t expect, having collected different collections of NFTs, we realized that there is no service that will act as a guarantor of an equivalent exchange between the participants in the transaction.

What it does

The idea of the service - The NFT exchange at the moment has a market character in the buy-sell style, therefore, looking back at the cryptocurrency market, we understand that we are missing something important for the growing NFT market and this is the exchange opportunity (swap). Having chosen the best blockchain with infinite potential, we got to work. The service will allow you to exchange your NFT collections between participants, put up for exchange, as well as its condition. The ability to pay extra for an equal exchange and collect Super Collections (Silver -Gold - Diamond) that can be staked and receive an exchanger token as soon as the SNS internet computer is available.

How we built it

With sweat on our foreheads.

Challenges we ran into

-At the stage of forming a team from Ukraine, the biggest challenge is the War, the project was frozen for a month, as the hostilities forced us to urgently leave the city and seek temporary shelter.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Our team is proud that in the most difficult time we continue to follow the idea around which we have gathered.

What we learned

Working in a well-coordinated team will help achieve incredible breakthroughs.

What's next for NFT Exchange

-In order for the team to release an exchange service and bring the best ideas there, and with them a stream of new users. -The best collections by rarity will receive % of the entire commission on the service for a month, provided that the collection is staked on the exchange service. It will also be displayed in the gallery of collections from 1st to 3rd place. -We are also developing animated NFTs for the exchange service, ( which will be both an art collection and a tool for staking on the service for additional bonuses in the exchange process between users. With a support, tools will be available to us that will help NFT planets evolve into the metaverse.

Built With

  • internet-identity
  • motoko
  • nextjs
+ 19 more
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