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Building an application that provides specialized courses for developers on the ICON Blockchain, and supporting the development of promising projects to help grow the community as well as the ICON ecosystem.

At present, there is hardly any guidance available on building a complete application on the ICON blockchain, from creating a smart contract on ICON to building a UI for user interaction with the smart contract. As a result, this creates many difficulties for new developers, leading them to switch to other platforms with more comprehensive documentation support. Secondly, for developers who want to switch to the blockchain field and start self-learning through channels such as YouTube, Medium, etc., they will not have a certificate to prove their competence to employers. In the case of participating in courses organized by individual units in the country, recruiting companies will find it difficult to verify the validity of the certificate, especially for remote jobs abroad, where employers will have even more difficulty verifying the credibility of organizations providing certificates. Additionally, after participating in courses, some developers may build applications or solutions but do not continue to develop them due to a lack of financial and human resources.

We will build the ICOU platform that specializes in providing courses on building applications on the ICON Blockchain. This will enable developers to build their own dApps after completing the courses. After completing each course, developers will be issued a certificate by ICOU. The certificate information will be stored on the blockchain, making everything public, transparent, and verifiable. To avoid transfer, buying, and selling, the certificates will be created in the form of Soulbound Token (SBT), which can be seen as an improvement of NFT. Compared to traditional NFTs, which can be exchanged among people, SBT ensures that the certificate is unique and belongs only to a single student (a single wallet address), so it cannot be transferred to another person. Additionally, each certificate will contain information about the skills and knowledge achieved, so that employers can choose suitable candidates. Employers can also proactively use the ICOU application to search for candidates. To complete the course, developers will have to build a dApp on the ICON Blockchain and present it online to representatives from ICON and ICOU. For developers with promising ideas that bring value to the ICON ecosystem, the ICOU team will provide support to further develop their projects, so they can be implemented in real-world applications.

User profile
Vinh is a computer science student who is about to graduate. His major is web development. In addition to learning about traditional web application development, Vinh is also exploring blockchain technology. Recognizing the potential of blockchain technology, Vinh wants to transition from web2 to web3 to have more opportunities and a better salary. In order to apply for jobs in this field, Vinh needs to have a certificate and be able to build projects related to blockchain to add to his CV. Therefore, Vinh's goal is to find a reputable course, so that after completing the course, he will have a certificate that will make his job search process easier

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Link Figma UI: https://www.figma.com/file/DBdJSs0Bnf061UtFH0e9MI/ICOU-Project?node-id=0%3A1

Home Page: Introduction about ICOU, presenting statistics such as the number of students who have completed the courses, the number of projects of students being supported by ICOU to develop in the market, and the number of companies recruiting for job opportunities. alt text

Courses Page:
There will be many courses, categorized by level from basic to advanced, from building simple dApps to ensuring security, understanding the inner workings of ICON, and optimizing applications. Not stopping there, with the Layer 2 scaling solutions, there will also be courses on how to build applications on those platforms. This helps developers save time and easily access the ICON ecosystem. alt text

Each course will be divided into several small lessons, and students need to complete each part before moving on to the next one. By the end of the course, students will build their own project. Every month, ICOU and ICON representatives will organize online demo sessions, and students will register to present their completed projects. Through Q&A, if students demonstrate their understanding of the material, they will receive a certificate provided by ICOU. For students with great ideas and strong thinking skills, ICOU will support them in continuing to develop their products on the ICON Network.

In the future, ICOU may also charge a fee for registration for exams to generate additional income. However, at the current time, organizing such free courses will help ICON attract more developers and improve the products in the ICON ecosystem. alt text

Blogs Page: In addition to the main courses, ICOU will also have articles for developers to better understand the ICON ecosystem, such as consensus algorithms, Bridges on ICON, analysis of dApps on ICON, or tutorials on building trending projects (these tutorials will not receive a certificate)... alt text

Trackers Pages: This is the page used to check information about Projects, Jobs, Certificates. Certificates Page: The platform contains information about students who have received certificates, making it easy for employers to verify the authenticity of the certificates provided by the students, as well as to see which courses they have taken and what skills they have gained. In addition, projects looking for developers on ICON can also use this platform to search for suitable candidates and contact them. alt text

Jobs Page: Information on blockchain projects on ICON that are currently in need of developers and their technical requirements, so developers can equip themselves with the necessary knowledge. alt text

Projects Page: Display information about the projects that are being supported by the ICOU team. Other developers can experience and try out these applications, helping the projects reach more users. In addition, developers can gain new perspectives and come up with more innovative ideas, avoiding duplication or proposing better solutions to solve current issues in existing applications. alt text

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