ICON is a Public Blockchain that allows Blockchains to interact with each other through smart contracts with the desire to connect the world by building the worlds largest decentralized network. Currently, there are quite a few DApps built on the ICON Blockchain system. However, the item Community DApps have not been built yet.

To diversify the ecosystem and increase engagement with users, we can build Decentralized Social Network on the platform of ICON.

What it does

Social network ICONTube allows users to create content in video format and watch other videos from creators on the platform. As a Web3, at ICONTUBE instead of being monitored by an intermediary, now everyone is free to talk and be assured of security the video content themselves as they are developed on the Blockchain.

How we built it

  • Content creator (users who create content): receive rewards for creating content (views, likes, shares videos).

  • Non-content creators (users who do not create content) will receive rewards for viewing ads (other ecosystems)

  • ICONTube allows brands to run advertisement campaigns and charge fees.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Designing the platform
  • Researching ICON

What's next for ICONTube

  • Study ICON development at more Devera classes.

Built With

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