Finance and game theory has been my passion. I have been playing poker for a few years and now getting into cryptocurrency and coding. I got the idea to mix my passions and implement something cool.

What it does

It is a game of economics, people buy tokens and get rewarded for holding it by getting dividends from actions on the platform from other people

How I built it

I learned Score coding from icondev website and implemented a score. Than I build a web app in js with the help on a web developer friend

Challenges I ran into

Learning tbears coding was challenging at first, also I took reference from similar dapp on ethereum so had to learn a bit of solidity

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing a working model of score for what i was trying to achieve and able to run it on testnet

What I learned

Learned a lot of coding and blockchain conventions, excited to dig more into icon development and build cool dapps like iconbet

What's next for ICONPARTY

launch on icon main-net and build more games

Built With

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