Providing a plug-and-play solution for Web3 projects looking to offer users capital-efficient and secure cross-chain interactions, via a user-friendly interface.

What it does

ICONBridge Widget is an integratable cross-chain bridge widget. It enables projects to seamlessly provide bridging functionality to users from within their own website/platform.

  • Easily embed their very-own customizable ICONBridge Widget with 2 lines of code.
  • Be configured so that a pre-selected bridge and asset when the user lands on the page.
  • Allows cross-chain transfers assets (currently supports ICON chain and Binance Smart Chain).
  • Support light/dark mode

How we built it

ICONBridge-Widget drawio

  • Utilized icon-bridge-sdk-js by Espanicon which allows developers to easily integrate the ICON Bridge.
  • Using Custom Elements to extend existing HTML tags and create new HTML tag <icon-bridge-widget/>
  • Stylying css animations to increase user experiences.

Challenges we ran into

  • The tool is depended on icon-bridge-sdk-js, it has quite a few minor bugs.
  • The ICON Bridge testnet was not stable, and it took much time to investigate the reasons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Build a utility for users can embed ICON Bridge in their website/platform easier.

What's next for ICONBridge Widget

  • Support packages for famous frontend NextJS, React, Angular, Vue...
  • Support more networks.
  • Support more settings to customize UI/UX.
  • The library needs to be improved to reduce size.
  • Css styling/animation should be improved to increase user experiences.

Built With

  • css
  • custom-elements
  • html5
  • icon-bridge-sdk-js
  • icon-sdk-js
  • web3
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