The inspiration behind iCollection was to create a platform for trading a unique type of token that represents something particularly rare in the world, such as artworks, limited items, or even houses. The team wanted to create a platform that would allow users to easily buy and sell these tokens in a secure and decentralized manner.

What it does

iCollection is a full-stack decentralized application built on the new blockchain platform ICON. It enables users to trade a special type of token that is highly competitive and valuable due to its reliance on copyright and scarcity. Unlike NFT-ICR3, which can be minted into multiple copies, this token represents something particularly unique in the world.

The platform includes a variety of features such as Send Request for purchasing an NFT, Auction for selling an NFT, and the smart contract keeps everything running automatically. Additionally, iCollection has an incredibly fast transaction speed and is fully accessible through the ICONex wallet.

How we built it

iCollection was built using a variety of tools and technologies, including ReactJS, TailwindCSS, ICON JavaScript SDK, Goloop CLI, JSON-RPC and Pinata IPFS. I used these tools to create a comprehensive range of features and a user-friendly interface.

Challenges we ran into

During the development process, I encountered several challenges. One of the main challenges was creating a smart contract that could keep everything running automatically especially the Auction feature. I had to carefully design the smart contract to ensure that all transactions were secure and transparent. Additionally, I had to optimize the performance of the platform to ensure fast transaction speeds and a seamless user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the challenges, I was able to create a functional and user-friendly platform. The team is proud of the comprehensive range of features included in iCollection, including Send Request and Auction.

What we learned

Through the development process, I learned a great deal about blockchain technology and decentralized applications. I gained experience using a variety of tools and technologies, including ReactJS, TailwindCSS, ICON JavaScript SDK, Goloop CLI, JSON-RPC and Pinata IPFS. Additionally, I learned the importance of carefully designing smart contracts to ensure secure and transparent transactions.

What's next for iCollection

Looking forward, the team plans to add several new features to iCollection, such as:

  • a separated currency for special privileges
  • vouchers
  • promotions
  • membership cards
  • ... a huge social network system I also plans to continue optimizing the platform's performance and enhancing the user experience.

Built With

  • goloop-cli
  • icon-javascript-sdk
  • json-rpc
  • pinata-ipfs
  • react
  • tailwindcss
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