Everyday I have to check my phone for the weather, my schedule for any important meetings that I may have to dress up for, and then pick a wardrobe that is optimized for my day. This is tiring, and I wanted to make something do this for me. This is what iCloset will do.

What it does

Specifically, iCloset will analyze the weather and your schedule each day and then choose an optimal wardrobe for that day. Say it's 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and you have a sporting event later that day, iCloset will choose your sport's respective track pants and sweatshirt, so that you are ready for the weather and your game! Conversely, say it's a sunny day out, ideally you'd want to wear shorts and a t-shirt, but you have a presentation to give to your UROP group. iCloset would choose slacks and a polo, letting you enjoy the sunlight but dress to impress while giving your presentation.

How I built it

We made the frame out of 80/20 aluminum bars. We wrapped an 80/20 bar with duck tape, to prevent conductivity, we then put two strips of copper tape (corresponding to +/-) along the sides. We then 3D printed adapters that we could hook hangars onto, and put copper tape on their underbellies to carry a current to a bread board with a photon on each adapter. The photons on the adapters would be powered by the copper tape, and these photons would turn on a light when their article of clothing is needed. The photons receive a signal via wifi, and choose their clothing based on the weather, notifying the user which articles of clothing are recommended for today's weather.

Challenges I ran into

Initially we had no idea how to select the clothes you wanted for the day, and notify/bring them to the user. We also struggled to find an elegant solution when lighting up the correct clothes hangar.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that we were able to accomplish this daunting task in only 15 hours. I am also proud of this idea, and the future implementations that can be made in order to make this a marketable success. Furthermore I am proud my team, for working together extremely well, and solving every problem we encountered with a simple or elegant solution. I am also very proud of Sir Patrick Insinger the First for coding our system flawlessly.

What I learned

I learned the importance of keeping things simple. I had a grand idea for this project, using rotating parts, and mechanically demanding systems, but I learned that it would be best simplify things. We as a team also learned that it was best to divide and conquer tasks instead of work collectively on a single task at a time.

What's next for iCloset

We currently only have iCloset choosing your outfit based on the weather, so I would like to implement an system that goes over your schedule and factors that into its decision. Furthermore, I want iCloset to utilize machine learning to gather your style preferences by taking note of what you like and dislike, while offering suggestions based on today's current trends. Improve physical design of hooks and overall aesthetic of the iCloset. I would also like to implement Google Home/Apple Homepod/Amazon Echo compatibility and speakers nestled inside the closet to play music in the morning. Finally I would like to put a touch screen display on the "door" of the closet to show the user their schedule, and to approve or decline certain clothing recommendations.

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