iClinic is a mobile app that enables patients and clinicians to contact each other easily. It is also a means for clinicians to provide a wide range of information to the patient.

Key features

  • Ability to ask urgent health questions
  • Directly message a clinician
  • Reschedule an appointment easily
  • Reminders
  • Appointments, Medical information, Trial specific information, Maps, Nearby places


The app allows patients to receive news and messages from clinicians. Patients also have the ability ask questions directly. Health questions are emphasized, so that clinicians to be able to treat them with greater urgency. Patients can also easily request an appointment to be rescheduled.


The app also covers important aspects of a trial with an easy to use interface. It provides medical information about the trial, appointments, details and timings of the appointments and reminders. There's also a map view allowing users to locate the center and find places to eat, places to stay and nearby transportation.

The app also provides patients with the most important information they need to know, while also providing them a way to reach the clinic easily. The ability to be able to transmit messages between clinicians and patients would hopefully make patients feel well looked after. The information provided by the app will enable patients to feel safe in knowing that they have everything they want to know about the trial at hand.

It also provides clinicians a way to reach out to patients with important information without disturbing their daily activities.


  • Send news to patients
  • Patients can ask health questions
  • Patients can send messages to the clinic and receive responses
  • Allow patients to ask for rescheduling their appointments

  • Patient education on trial and medical conditions, symptoms, treatments

  • Reminders for taking medication

  • List of appointments and notifications for the next appointment

  • Appointment schedule - what will happen in an appointment, how long it will last and other info

  • Easily find contact numbers incase of emergencies

  • How to find the clinical trial place

  • Nearby hotels

  • Nearby places to eat

  • Nearby bus stations, trains stations

For more info please visit: http://bit.ly/iclinic

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