iClassroom is an education oriented, virtual classroom concept focusing only on making learning easier and intuitive, providing beyond a real classroom effect. Aiming to make virtual learning easy for both students and mentors, providing a Social media like learning platform with peer to peer interaction.

Purpose and Motivation

Admist the pandemic conditions, learning process have completely become online. To help students and the learning community adapt with the changes and get organised, we present to you the iClassroom your complete learning gadget. A partner to accompany you in your learning journey. Focusing on Creating a learning community from all over the world that is connected to a single platform making it possible to learn anything, anywhere and anytime.


• Teachers can assess their students and get to know about their learning progress, interact with them through Chats and provide them with the necessary resources. The Project Management section makes this process more effective.

• The Chats Section provided within the app prevents distraction which occurs while using social media.

• Kanban Project & Task management – Helps the student to stay organised, and automatically updates and adds To-do, Doubts asked, Assignments to be completed.

• Virtual Lab – Virtual coding Lab in integration with online platforms, can be extended to include IBM Qiskit for Quantum Computing.

• Live Video Broadcast/Streaming, Conferencing – Easy use, can begin a class with ease and provide the RoomId to peers to join the class. Video is accompanied with an interactive Whiteboard.

• Interactive Doubt Clearing and enhanced tracking of doubts with help from Mentors and well as peer to peer discussion.

How to use this application

People can register with us and login in to the home page, decide how they want to start exploring and can start using the required features easily, learn and interact with your peers.

How this application works

iClassroom is implemented as Web platform for the end user to utilize the provided features of the platform.

Anyone be it mentors or peers, choose the best features for their needs and start learning.

Interact with peers, conduct online classes, explore the resources with digital library and manage your tasks with the help of your personalized AI assistant, track your doubts and get it cleared.

How was this application developed

This application was developed mainly keeping in mind the need for bringing a change in the way of learning, rather than always sticking on to the traditional method of teaching and learning.

Due to the pandemic situation all over the world teaching learning process is completed bound to homes. So, something useful and helpful for both the mentor and student community to cope up with the changes and continue with their educational activities.

Even from homes students should be able to interact with their peers and continue with their learning process. A complete distraction free platform for focusing just on making learning easier and effective.

Even after the pandemic scenario iClassroom can be implemented in physical classrooms to make learning easier and intuitive. With the real time assessment system mentors can always have an assessment on the students learning activities, even when they are not at schools or colleges. The personalized AI assistant will all be of help to students and teachers.

Building a learning community will help one connect with large number of people form around the globe, which will ensure a great reach for availability of learning resources , and also a platform for exhibiting one's skill and getting recognized.

Difficulties & Challenges you faced

Initial testing and server deployment

Code optimization for mobile devices

Go-to-Market Evaluation (How will this product be made scalable and accessible to the public?)

Easy to scale horizontally

People can register and create an account,login and start using the system. Revenue generation will be through premium mode.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First Prize Winner of Code19 Hackathon by Motwani Jadeja Foundation

Completed a proof of concept working prototype model

Modifications in Future

• Lecture Recording- Enabling us to go through the classes twice to make concept clear.

• A feed section to update us with latest technologies and also courses chosen by peers, learn about new courses started up by learning groups and communities.

• To help yourself guide and track you in MOOC and other similar courses.

• Integration of NextCloud for File Management and NextCloud Deck for Kanban Project Management.

• Implementing OpenSource Mozilla DeepSpeech for automated caption generation and voice typing. .

• Integration of apps like slack, Trello, Google Drive.

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