OVERVIEW The iCheckbookTR application is a well designed account and transaction management program for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It enables you to keep track of multiple accounts and their respective transactions while on the go. NO MORE logging transactions in a paper register and manually calculating the balances. The iCheckbookTR application will consistently and reliably keep your account balances up to date.

ACCOUNT & TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT You can create, update and delete accounts, transactions and their details. At any time you can update previous transactions and see the updates immediately affect the account balances. You can reconcile transactions when they have cleared against your bank statements.

RECURRING TRANSACTIONS You can set up, edit and delete transactions. You can also schedule a reoccurrence on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. This is a great feature to help simplify your life by automatically entering transactions that you know will occur again and again. This helps to keep your account balances up to date, as these transactions are entered exactly when they should be. If for some reason, one of the recurring transactions has slightly different information (e.g. third paycheck of the month has a higher deposit amount) you can edit just that particular transaction without affecting the others.

EXPORT TRANSACTIONS Using the export feature, you can have your transactions sent to your e-mail account and then easily download the attached spreadsheet to your computer for further analysis.

This is a great feature if you ever decide to switch/upgrade your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s also a great way to backup your data if you ever lose your device.

SECURITY You can secure your information with PIN number authentication. It even has a PIN reset feature in case you forget your PIN number by asking a security question that you establish.

Using the following TRKD API's:
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