Our team is focusing on developing a system to gamify the muscle rehabilitation experience. Our created system has 3 main domains:

  • Diagnostic Capability
  • Targeted Physiotherapy
  • Tracking Rehabilitation

Diagnostic Capability

Using the Myo sensor - we are able to investigate the activity of specific nerves and changes to neuronal activity after injury. The main target for our system is stroke patients, and young children with muscular dystrophy.

Targeted Physiotherapy

The games available encourage rehabilitation in patients by forcing them to use their affected muscles in order to complete the tasks in-game. Different games emphasize different muscle groups, allowing physicians to prescribe games best suited to rehabilitating the patient's specific injury.

Tracking Rehabilitation

The Myo sensor can record EMG data from the patient during gameplay and this data can be tracked over the course of the patient's recovery, giving valuable information on the effectiveness of the current physiotherapy and the overall progress of rehabilitation.

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