What it does

The aim of our hack is to help the deaf community by converting speech to sign language. By harnessing multiple online resources, we initially implemented a learning tool for translating speech into American Sign Language. This tool can be used to translate video chats or even TV. Our webapp can also be used to aid learning of many sign languages, where one can speak a desired sentence and then practice the sign representation.

Further features

We then realised that one can do much more, by implementing a different language translation feature. The new feature allowed an English-speaking user to translate their sentences to up to 10 most commonly used sign languages such as German, British Sign Language, Swedish, and more.


We aid all these feature with the use of moving subtitles. The word being currently shown as a sign is easily visible alongside of the entire sentence it is in for context.

Additional features

Although our webapp is still in an early stage, it already has all the above mentioned functionalities with a surprisingly high accuracy.

We think that we can still improve on this project in the future, by adding a replay ability to further help learning and add more input languages.

We are glad we designed a tool to help those with a special need and those who dedicated their careers to this area.

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