How can I safely make a payment for hiring someone to do a job? buy or sell a NFT to someone directly? How can I trust a marketplace for trading, especially some new platform?

What it does

It's a delegated escrow service, which allow any dApp to build solutions on top. For example, a job market for freelancer, a alternative ebay for p2p trading, a contract for salary payment...

How we built it

The core is escrow smart contract canister we build, and build a common UI for managing P2P orders.

Challenges we ran into

Dispute, how to handle the dispute since there is no middleman except of smart contract. The possible solutions are: 1. adding credit/reputation system to help stop bad behaviour. 2 forming a DAO/council to handle the dispute like a court. 3. escrow service take the trading item ownership(e.g NFT) temporarily to make sure delivery successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By leveraging escrow service, we provide interface to allow user to trading NFT ticket on ICEvent, no marketplace needed, and we also enhance our TODO feature to be a Bounty, which anyone can hire somebody to help a small job by paying bounty using escrow service. There also a simple interface, which anyone can just create a P2P order for trading (e.g NFT...)

What we learned

how to use technology to solve trust problem.

What's next for ICEscrow

  1. get more scenarios implemented.
  2. design reputation system.
  3. collaborate with social platform to implement social purchasing

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