It mainly solves the problem that canister's interaction records cannot be publicly queried.

What it does

ICES is a canister custom event log storage and analysis service on Dfinity.

Any canister can access ICES without permission, store the interactive data permanently, and query it through the public API and dashboard provided by ICES.

All smart contracts that need to record event logs forever and statistics and want to make them data public are the target users of ICES.

What's next for ICES

Thanks to the web3hackathon, we were able to use this competition to sprint our projects. During the competition, we completed ICES Core Canister refactoring, Motoko SDK, backend API, and Explorer frontend.

Here is our roadmap for this year. We will continue to polish ICES, make it more usable, and drive developers on IC to use it. In addition, we will also consider the business model of this product, we believe that a good business model can make ICES better serve the IC ecosystem, win-win.

our goal is to make ICES an essential infrastructure for the IC ecosystem, to achieve this vision, the active participation of the whole community is very important, so the future of ICES will be decided by DAO.

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