Our inspiration came from our love of ICEE's. Who doesn't love them? With the ICEE Locator, finding ICEE's just got so much easier.

What it does

The ICEE Locator iOS App provides users the ability to find the nearest location carrying ICEE's based on their current location.

How we built it

We built the ICEE Locator using Swift as our programming language and the software Xcode. We used the Google Places API to create a map displaying nearby locations of establishments carrying ICEE's.

Challenges we ran into

Beginning our app development, using the limited resources of the Google Places interface was the least of our problems. Integrating both Google Places API and Google Maps API to work simultaneously proved to be almost impossible after about 8 hours of coding. Attempting to obtain the current location of said user using the Google Maps API on Xcode outputted a return of 'nil' at every test run. Our second challenge was obtaining a post request using the software Postman from the ICEE Locator on the ICEE website, which output a 500 Internal Service Error unfixable on our part.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As our first time using Swift and creating an iOS App, we are both happy and completely surprised at the outcome of our app. While sharing our project with people at BrickHack, we were relieved to hear the positive responses and the numerous "I love ICEE's!", "I'd get it!" and even "I'd pay $5 dollars for that!".

What we learned

Google is your best friend. Literally. Look everything and anything up; being able to find valuable information on code is a real skill in terms of computer science. We learned more about Swift and API's and how to overall use XCode as a coding platform.

What's next for Icee Locator

We have emailed the ICEE company for help concerning their 500 Internal Service Error in an effort to improve both their website's locator as well as further our own iOS app. As a continuation for our app in the future, we will try to make it in another programming language, such as Javascript or Objective-C.

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