We wanted to make an app that alleviates the pressure behind meeting people at events. Icebreaker's goal is to connect people who are on location at events by providing a platform where individuals can see other attendees and personally message them before, while, or after they meet. The app helps setup low-stakes interactions between people at any setting, helping you "break the ice!"

What it does

We begin by helping you setup a hassle free profile consisting of just your first name and a profile picture. Our server keeps track of these by assigning you a unique identifier. From your dashboard, you can choose to join existing chatrooms or create your own and invite others to join via a simple 4-character password. At the start of the event, just log into Icebreaker, and as you meet people, you can follow up very easily by finding their name/picture in the list of attendees at the event and sending them a direct message. The rooms are made to automatically expire after 72 hours, but if you have connected with someone, you can continue to stay in touch with our app indefinitely.

How we built it

We build the front end and user interface using android studios, and we store the server information in a python/sequel server. Users are uniquely stored in the server, which is able to handle message requests as well as update information regarding the existing chatrooms and individual message pairs.

Challenges we ran into

The middleware between the android app and the server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a polished interfaced in the hackathon period! Having fun meeting people and working together on a project over a long stretch.

What we learned

How to write apps in android studio. How to connect a server to our app.

What's next for Icebreaker

There were many features that we had initially planned for the app but did not have a chance to implement, including blocking users, automatic refreshing, more API calls for various existing functions between the app and the server, and overall tidying up and making the pages more aesthetic.

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