Why make anything other than to feel more alive? Roommates banter, friends fight and confusion ensues. We are stronger when we work together. That is why we created Iceboxx. To bridge a gap in communication and further our ability to work together.

What it does

Iceboxx is your online fridge. Your repository for all things wonderfully delicious and scrumptious. Snap a picture of your Trader Joe's run and let the app do the heavy-lifting. Within a few seconds, our image recognition and database query will identify the food and build a list of groceries for you. This isn't your parent's fridge! Not only do we have to pay for our own food, but we have to figure out when to re-stock. Collaborate with friends and bring in the gang for a connected experience, tracking food at the press of a button.

How I built it

After some initial white-board drawing and brainstorming, around a pot of steaming French Press, we came to the idea. We interfaced with Firebase for our relational database, storing our server assets and all of our ooey-goey code. Bootstrap provided a great way to start building and implementing our front end. We kept in mind that mobile-centric design was our intended goal. Working with Clarifai, images could be queried and traced for hooks and tags to come out. In other words, put in an image of a banana and some words describing a banana come out!

Challenges I ran into

Firebase oscillated from being our best friend to a tiresome companion. Working with the mentors was crucial to our understanding and improvement. The Clarifai API was rather unclear and we toiled to "train" our processing algorithms and improve the control of our analysis. Only to find later in the competition that the API was not prepared for that just yet.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our spirits stayed high throughout the 24 hour hackathon and I couldn't be more proud of the spirit of my teammates as we battled against bugs and laughed through merge conflicts.

What I learned

Bootstrap, a ton more Git and building more with a team.

What's next for Icebox

Iceboxx is fully functional and we plan to use it within the coming weeks.

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