Our group was inspired by the work and research of the Canadian Polar Bear Habitat. We saw that the habitat was a safe haven for polar bears who would normally not be able to survive on their own and in the wild. We also realized that the habitat's conservation efforts also provided a unique insight on the lives and behavior of polar bears in general.

The "Canadian Polar Bear Habitat Challenge" spoke to our group the most because we realized that CPBH was not well known or recognized by our peers. As members of the rising Gen Z population, we decide to make a project that would serve as an outreach to our fellow youth.

What it does

Iceberg Escapades spreads the news about CPBH through our interactive website and platformer game!

The website is made up of a Home, Play, Learn, Act, and Quiz page. Each of these pages provide information about polar bears and further our outreach goals.

First, the Home page provides a snapshot of what the Canadian Polar Bear Habitat community is all about and a summary of the Iceberg Escapades mission statement.

Following the homepage is the Play page which contains the highlight of Iceberg Escapade's website: the Iceberg Escapade game. The game works as an easy-to-play platformer where the player controls a polar bear through six fun and exciting levels! In each level, the player's goal is to reach the end of the level using the WASD and Return key to avoid melting icebergs.

The game also includes helpful information about Iceberg Escapades and CPBH on its About tab.

Additionally, the website offers a Learn page which focuses on providing interesting facts about the polar bear species and resources for the user to learn more! The Learn page also provides a video from Animals 101 that users can access directly from the website to expand their knowledge about these amazing creatures.

On the Act page, users can learn about global warming and a list of different actions they can take to help support the polar bear community.

Finally, the Iceberg Escapades' Quiz page lets users test their knowledge about polar bears through a series of polar bear trivia. At the end of the quiz, the user can see how well they did and try the quiz again to improve their score!

How I built it

We built our project using two IDEs and several languages.

To create the website, we worked in the IDE using HTML and CSS. We created new HTML files for each of the website's pages and used an external CSS file along with a lot of in-line CSS.

For the game and the quiz, we relied on Unity as our IDE and code the project using C#. We added in music using a few different programs including Bosca Ceoil and other platforms.

Throughout the whole project, one of our team members added in graphics by designing and creating artwork in Scratch.

After both the website and game were finished independently, another team member compiled the projects together.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge for group was refining our platformer and ensuring that it worked properly. We had to do extensive research and search our code carefully to identify and fix errors and mistakes in our program. For example, we initially had some problems developing a timer for the game, but one of our team members was eventually able to troubleshoot the problem and come up with a creative alternative.

We are really happy with how the functionality of the platformer and its easy-to-use controls.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the overall user experience, appearance, and functionality of our project. We agree that Iceberg Escapades has a real potential at attracting users and capturing the interest of younger members of the community to help boost CPBH's publicity.

We think that the smooth features of our product along with the fun music and bright graphics really tie the project together and help make the Iceberg Escapades an excellent submission.

What I learned

We learned a lot about working together as a team and about how to create quality projects!

In terms of actual programming, we learned how to simulate gravity using Unity for our platformer and we also learned a few new tricks for the HTML/CSS coding of the website. We had to experiment a lot with different properties and commands to format the website correctly and we also learned how to implement the iframe tag.

Furthermore, collaborating also taught us that we all had unique artistic skills that could be used to make our project pop! Our team members worked on music and art as well as programming so we learned how to use different software to enhance the user experience. The difference between applying these effects greatly improved our project and we learned that there is always a way to improve a product.

What's next for Iceberg Escapades

In the future, we hope to expand the Iceberg Escapades game to include more levels! We are also considering embellishing the website with more features like the Quiz page so that users can interact more with the website.

Additionally, we would be open to partnering with the Canadian Polar Bear Habitat organization to develop more kid-friendly features to showcase all that CPBH has to offer!

You can check out our code files here:

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