italics Artificial intelligence has been building algorithms to model human traits such as the relation of language or images with emotions or the main personality traits but human behavior is difficult to hard code. What is your favorite color? Or the color that better match your personality?

What it does

_italics_Inspired by Indico we created a fun ice cream game that lets you make an ice cream with the most extraordinary flavors and will predict the color of your personality.

Challenges we ran into

_italics_We had a lot of difficulties with the compatibility of different libraries but we pulled through.

What we learned

italics We learn team skills, we learn to enjoy while coding, that using already existing code is much harder than creating your own, and we also learn to make a creatively and fun way to present an algorithm.

What's next for Ice Cream Personality Test

_italics_More flavors motion scoops, falling on top of the cone, melting scoops after a while if they are not eaten.

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