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Alexandra Boghosian, 9176700235, 6th floor, table 13, Education


I've been sending scientists into the field with 360 cameras to document their work, and I realized that eventually we are going to photograph the planet in 360. and that's going to get boring.

we are taking people through the ice sheets because...

1) they are remote 2) they are dangerous 3) they are dark half the year 4) they are beautiful 5) and they are important for sea level rise and climate change

What it does

We built a model of Greenland from real data that have been collected via satellite and airborne missions. We move around the surface of Greenland in a plane, the way that the majority of data are collected, pointing out important features along the way. We also take you below the ice, so you can discover a place that hasn't seen the atmosphere in over 100,000 years!

How I built it

Working on it! With real data, and unity

Future plans

So many... we will tell you about them!

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