The Greek myth of Icarus is a cautionary tale to all that hubris will always end in ruin. But we at Icarus Kicks are firm believers that overconfidence will always work out. Just as Icarus constructed his wings from ordinary wax and feathers to achieve flight, we wanted to design our shoes with simplicity and functionality in mind. Yes, Icarus does plummet to his death when his wings melt, but you can bet he'd hit the ground in style wearing a pair of Icarus Kicks.


With any pair of our footwear, you're guaranteed function. Equipped with a 5" dagger, bullhorn, and cushioned soles, you'll be prepared for anything life throws at you.†


When developing the hack, we faced an issue with a bad ground rail, causing the knife and speaker to become erratic.While that took hours to pin down and debug, Mike from TCL/NSA gave an immense amount of time and help to get the shoes back on track.

We also brought far more components and plans than what we had the opportunity and resources to complete. For example, we wanted to put a 16x2 LCD display and 10 button keypad onto the project, but we simply didn't have enough pin-outs on our Arduino Uno to support them.

† Icarus Kicks cannot guarantee safety from others or yourself, wear at own risk.

Data Visualization

For the Data visualization section of our hack, we decided to pick one of the most out of character shots of him. While the character is known for his stone cold but lovable facade, Brent Spiner simply breathed life into the role. See the gallery for our selected representation of Data, Son of Soong.

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