The ability to capture and keep little tangible mementos of your favorite things has been around for years. From sports cards to niche entertainment references, trading cards have been collected and enjoyed by young and old people for years. Transitioning into the digital age, this medium of passion has been on the decline for years because of its traditionally physical nature. Our new app, iCards, seeks to revolutionize the game, fully integrating the best parts of the industry into a comprehensive, universal platform to trade, play, and collect cards.

Drawing parallels to industries who have seen a revival in recent years, we can see that there are certain things iCards could do that would almost guarantee our success. For example, vinyl records used to dominate their industry but as other technologies came out, their market share decreased drastically. Recently, the resurgence of vinyl has been happening all throughout the world. Things like limited releases, reissues, and nostalgia factor of the medium have made vinyl comeback in collectible and hobbyist form. Using these same methods in a digital, universal platform, iCards can expect to bring back a lot of the lost audience of the trading card industry.

While it is true that other companies have tried to digitize their product in the past, none of those applications offer an immersive, integrated platform like ours and their apps usually focus on one particular type of trading card. This type of platform would appeal to a hardcore collector of a certain type, but it neglects everyone but that user. iCards is designed to be a universal platform for card trading and collecting, bridging the gap between different users with varying interests. Our design offers various different uses of our app, including a profile where users can see their collection, stats, and groups as well as change settings. We will have a social feed so users can see what cards are trending, what packs their friends have opened, and other user-tailored information. We will also have a store to buy packs in addition to a user-run marketplace where people can sell and trade cards to complete their collection. A gaming section is also in planning and will use a Unity API to make users able to play basic games with certain cards in their collection. Using these distinct features to connect users, iCards will innovate and revive the cherished childhood industry of trading cards.

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