What it does

IC Dinos is an NFT project of 8888 NFT's which are minted initially as dinosaur eggs - all of them being totally unique.

Every dinosaur egg is able to be hatched and turned into a random dinosaur species, along with a certain rarity of dinosaur assigned to it. Every dinosaur and rarity will have different statistics that are going to be used in the P2E game that we are building for the project. Users will win DINO tokens within the P2E game which will allow them to purchase items on the store and other NFT's in the Dino Eco-System.

We have our own live dino portal launched at https://portal.icdinos.io

This portal is live and allows users to manage their dinosaur NFT's - it pulls through the eggs/items/dinos that users actually own on the blockchain and has a ton of features.

We actually created a simple version of this specifically for the hackathon which you can generate the egg NFT's for free (as many as you want and hatch them) to have a look at how it all works without having to purchase a proper NFT from our collection.

You can find that here: https://demo-icdinos-portal.vercel.app

The logic behind this free demo panel submitted is as follows:

  • Any user can authenticate through Stoic, Plug or Earth wallets.
  • Next, the user sees a message that he does not yet have any egg or dinosaur
  • The user clicks the "Get a new Egg" button. There is a mint of one NFT to the wallet of this user. This NFT has an "Egg" status.
  • If the user opens the "My eggs" page, he will see a list of all available eggs. He can hatch any of them.
  • After hatching, he will get a random dinosaur. The rarity of all dinosaurs is "Common". The skin of all created dinosaurs is generated randomly from 10 pictures.
  • User can view all hatched dinosaurs on "My Dinos" page.


We have been working on the IC Dinos project for over 6 months now full time - with a team of talented developers, illustrators, animators, UI/UX designers and social media marketers.

With the initial success in minting our GEN1 eggs - we decided to submit our dino portal and example of our GEN2 'hatchable' dinosaur egg NFT's to the Supernova DFINITY hackathon.

We were inspired by Tamagotchi, Netopets, and Pokemon for this project - and we know that people have a universal love for dinosaurs too.

How we built it

We built it using Vue and Quasar framework and deployed on the IC - can provide more technical information if required.

We also have our own admin panel available that allows us to over-see our project as well and statistics etc which is helpful - but in the purpose of this hackathon we have submitted for the DINO PORTAL and the GEN2 eggs and hatching.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges for us was to get everything styled perfectly and working how we want it - we are very specific on how we want things to look, so worked very hard on getting all of the little bits perfect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have had incredible feedback on the portal and the GEN2 eggs - with hard work from our UI/UX designers, developers, illustrators, and blockchain developers.

We feel that our portal is very clean and easy to use - and we have paid a lot of attention to fine details.

We love the idea of the hatching the NFT's and changing the layers - and being on ICP allows us to do many cool things with our NFT collection..

What we learned

Our developers have learned more about Motoko and developing on the Internet Computer and we have continued to improve our skills for building a successful web3 NFT project and we will be moving forward to the game development after all of this.

We have learned how to manage and build a successful community for our project - and we have around 1380 holders for our project and the community are excited and waiting as we progress through our roadmap towards the P2E game.

What's next for IC Dinos


  • Aging for babies to teenagers in DINO Portal
  • Allow to see the monthly challenges in Portal and see if you have reached them already
  • Stats assigned to all dinosaurs in preparation for the game
  • Release the DINO token in portal
  • Assign DINO tokens to all users
  • Update our admin panel to include (DINO tokens, Store management, marketplace management)
  • Ability to hatch DINO items to claim DINO tokens
  • Allow the STORE to be active for us to drop in things every now and then (purchasable using DINO TOKENS)
  • Develop marketplace for users to be able to list and trade their GEN2 dinosaurs, items and eggs
  • Sneak peaks for the game - whitepaper etc - each dinosaur will have different stats etc (we can show you a sneak peak of the game if needed!)
  • Ability to age to adult dinosaurs (the most powerful stage!)
  • Start marketing for our project and get it known (Starting in Asia - but worldwide)

We also built an avatar builder - https://avatar.icdinos.io/ where users can add their URL of their NFT and it allows them to save it with a border, and our logo and then use it on social media etc

Other Information

We have also built a custom admin panel for managing our whole NFT project - we have shown some examples of this in the files attached.

Some of the things that can be done in our admin panel:

  • Manage all NFT's
  • Dashboard to see graphs and stats for all rarities, NFT's, floor prices
  • Mint NFT's for items and GEN2 eggs
  • Look up wallets
  • Look up mint numbers
  • See best selling NFTs
  • Filter by rarity, and all other attributes of our NFT's
  • Send out collector challenge rewards
  • Query builder to sort NFT's and holders based on certain queries (advanced)
  • Select random wallets for different awards we can give out

Play 2 Earn Game "Dino Survivor"

We have an exciting game that is going to be launched in Q3 of 2022 - which we have yet to give much information about. But in this game users will place their dinosaur NFT's on their map - and be able to choose the best location for their dinosaurs - and then the dinos will have to 'survive' against certain random events!

The events are going to include natural disasters such as "Hurricanes, Tornados, Volcanic Eruptions, Famines, Floods, Tsunamis and more!".

Every event will have different effects against different types of dinosaurs, and depending on where the dinosaurs are located the dinosaurs will be affected differently.

The main aim of the game is to stop your dinosaurs from going extinct and survive against the random coming disaster!

We will be putting together a white-paper for this game and how it all works soon.

Dino Tokens will be won in the game, and also users will be able to use these Dino Tokens for other items, NFT's, add-on powers in the game and so forth.

Each age of the dinosaur will also have meaning and effects within the game too.

Will your dinosaurs survive the up and coming event?

Final Words

We have a lot more planned as well as you can see on our roadmap at www.icdinos.io.

We are grateful for any grants or prizes we win for our hard work up to date.

All dino species illustrated by us with three different ages + all of the eggs and backgrounds.

PS. Please note we submitted code only for our DEMO portal - which is not the live collection but can see the code and we have made ability to create as many eggs, and hatch etc and test functionality, but for a 100% accurate on-chain version please visit - https://portal.icdinos.io/

Link to frontend demo portal: https://demo-icdinos-portal.vercel.app

Canister address in IC network: gt272-xyaaa-aaaai-qnfya-cai

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posted an update

We haven't heard whether we have made it to the finals or anything yet - but will update our submission soon and see how we go!

Either way we continue to build and the P2E game should be ready in Q3 2022.

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