## Inspiration

Onset of availability of COVID-19 vaccine possess new challenges for the Administration & Frontline workers. Public health departments, already strained by a pandemic that has overrun hospitals and drained budgets, are racing to expand online systems to track and share information about who has been vaccinated. IATA has urged governments to begin careful planning now to ensure they are fully prepared once vaccines are approved and available for distribution.

With above challenges in mind I wanted to develop a solution in real quick time which could automate the process of vaccine distribution and scheduling the doses of vaccine to the people with minimal inputs.

## What it does

The iBS application Automates the process Booking and Scheduling of Vaccination Slots , efficiently creates schedule for distribution the vaccines amongst the vaccine delivery centers. The solution uses Quickbase Pipelines to automate booking and scheduling of vaccination slots. Solution also facilitates Public Participation by giving them provision for Vaccination Registration & Feedback post vaccination.

## How I built it

The solution was built in 4 stages

Stage 1 –

In this stage I planned my app's structure. This was useful exercise, since it helped me to think about what sorts of things I want to track using Quick Base. This exercise brought out thoughts about items I needed to customize. I created an App in Quickbase by building the core entities of the solution - vaccine delivery centers, citizen charter, stock priority, slot allocation master entities. I created relationships between the core entities to build an integrated application. I added formula fields to smartly populated data flags on basis of available data. I customized the UI to group the data in different sections.

Stage 2 -

After master entities I created transactional entities Slot Allocation Schedule, Citizen Vaccination schedule. In addition to these I created 2 salesforce lookup entities. I created relationships between the core entities to build an integrated application. I added formula fields to smartly populated data flags on basis of available data. I customized the UI to group the data in different sections and added the lookup fields for reference.

Stage 3 -

In this stage I planned workflow automation for my system.

  • Firstly, I created scheduled pipeline to populate slot allocation schedule by reference data from delivery center and slot allocation master entities. This pipeline runs every Sunday and creates slot allocation schedule.
  • Secondly I created scheduled pipelines for creation of Vaccination schedule for Citizens by referring to citizen charter, slot allocation schedule entities. This pipeline runs everyday and creates schedule for different categories of citizen (Senior citizen, Frontline worker, Young age, Containment Zone people, Hotspot zone people and general people). After allocation of vaccination slot, email communication is sent to citizen on their registered email id from this pipeline. All transactional updates are performed on stockpriority and slot allocation schedule entities to maintain correct count of allocation slot and vaccine stock.
  • I created scheduled Quickbase pipeline to run and update Citizen charter updates in Salesforce Contacts everyday using Quickbase salesforce channel.
  • I created scheduled Quickbase pipeline to run and send email reminders to citizen to send their feedback after vaccination everyday. Used Microsoft Outlook channel to integration with outlook for sending email.
  • I created scheduled Quickbase pipeline to run and create case in salesforce if the feedback for vaccine is not received after 2 weeks of vaccination using Quickbase salesforce channel.

Stage 4 -

In this stage I built reports and create customized dashboards as the user role.

## Challenges I ran into

Quickbase provided lot of features out of the box but the main challenges that I ran into was more to do with the knowledge of using the platform efficiently.

  1. Initially I had trouble in setting up pipelines which would lookup the records from one entity and use the reference data to update data in other record. After watching videos on Quickbase youtube channel and reading through the help material on Quickbase I was successfully able to schedule the pipelines
  2. Another issue that I ran into was related to integration with salesforce. The pipeline that I create to create contact entities in Salesforce was failing due to duplicate records issue even though there was only one record in salesforce. Again I watched videos and read through the artifacts form Quickbase help and I was able to create my pipeline.

## Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I always had idea of the power that Quickbase platform possesses but never actually got to work on a full-fledged solution on Quickbase. With the hackathon inviting creative problem solvers to address today's biggest challenges using Quick Base's low-code platform, I was inspired to build a solution for a problem which will definitely come across in a month.

I am extremely proud of myself that I built my knowledge on Quickbase through the training material provided by Quickbase and build a real solution in less than 48 hours which would help government authorities and healthcare workers to distribute the vaccine efficient to people. The Quickbase platform really helps to achieve hyper productivity and the solution that I have built on this platform can help save thousands of hours of effort for already stressed healthcare workers and the administration.

## What I learned

I have learned the nitty-gritty of the Quickbase platform and I know that one could build a Quick Base application very quickly to gather and process information for the benefit of your team or the society. Quick Base helps businesses accelerate the continuous innovation of unique processes by enabling faster development at scale across one common platform. Faster conversion of idea to solution could be the game changer in these challenging times.

## What's next for iBS(Intelligent Booking & Scheduling

The iBS system can be tuned further to optimize the performance but I would love to add more enhancements to further automate the process of automated citizen registration and new communication channels to facilitate ease of using the system. Few enhancements are listed below –

  1. Whatsapp Integration for communication – All the vaccination slots communication can be sent by Whatsapp using Twillio API.
  2. Alexa Integration – I would like to integrate Alexa to provide VUI for the iBS system. Alexa can also be help in registering new citizen for the vaccination drive.

Built With

  • api
  • automation
  • case-management
  • microsoft-outlook
  • quickbase
  • quickbase-pipelines
  • salesforce
  • workflow-automation
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