Today amid this crisis of COVID-19 the elderly and order people are at a higher risk and them going out to buy essential products might also be risky. So, we in this product have designed an ecommerce website which delivers essential products in these hard times specially designed for the elderly. So since most elder people are not comfortable with technology we have designed a system where they can order products very easily they just have to login using their face biometrics and just speak out the products they need and the products will be added to the cart and the order will be placed. Our specially trained chatbot also answers questions regarding the updates of the pandemic. We also have a special COVID-19 predictor that asks a few questions about the symptoms and predicts if the person may have COVID or not. We also in this application give country-wise and state-wise updates of the COVID cases in the world.

So basically this is a wholesome application which helps us in all possible aspects to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Crisis communication: In times of crisis, communications systems are often overwhelmed with people trying to find basic information about testing, symptoms, community response, and other resources. A) Our project has an interactive chatbot that can interact with the customer. The features of this bot are : 1. Adds items to cart and does checkout just by typing or giving voice command (using IBM speech to text). 2. Gives the coronavirus status in your area. B) We have a COVID-19 predictor that helps in the prediction of the disease from the symptoms using 2 different algorithms(Random forest and KNN algorithms).

Community cooperation: Online Grocery Shopping Store GROC4ALL is a highly customer-friendly web application. Here, any authoritative person can register as a shop owner and sell their products. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi also expects India to become self-dependent and allowing anyone to sell their products at their own wish will be of great help because in the time of an emergency if somebody has something extra he can simply sell it to others. Thereby making “LOCAL THE VOCAL”.

In our application GROC4ALL, we have integrated face-recognition technology and hence this gives another level of security to the customers. Another important objective in any e-commerce website is customer feasibility which is most essential. We have added a chatbot feature on the website that can show items and order items for the customers and even checkouts the bill - this will be very useful for old aged people who find online shopping to be intimidating. Not only this the chatbot can also give the current COVID-19 status in any country the user wishes to know. An E-commerce website is great for businesses as well as for consumers to interact internationally. We feel the future of E-commerce will drastically progress over the years as the number of internet users among businesses and consumers is going to increase drastically. More competition, more marketplaces, faster transactions, and more advanced technologies to make activities between customers and producers more active. So, e-commerce is a growing field and as grocery is an essential day to day product this application is going to progress a lot and it will be of great use.

We $X Æ A-12$ aim to simplify the process of delivery and ordering system packed in a single application. Mostly the ongoing trend is few prominent sellers are given the chance to sell online. But this application wraps it up all. Made in Django and powered by superior quality design, to intrigue users. The frontend is mainly made on full bootstrap and night owl CDN, providing state of the art UI. We have tried to keep the UI/UX transitions as much smooth and user friendly as possible. We decided to use Django as the core of our application as it is powered by Python. All the work is done on the very latest Django version and Python 3.7.3 . Python enabled us to use all the machine learning and recommendation technology to it's full potential. The Django model gives us a total boost by letting us easily override the BASE USER model. Thus, we developed a multi user framework, one for normal customer and another for sellers. It is a state of the art application, as no other Multi Vendor Grocery Delivery Shop at this hard turmoil the country is facing. The Customer section of the application is bestowed with multiple facilities. Firstly each item is categorized under a broad category of the Title .If multiple sellers are selling the same product, then the customer is redirected to a new page where all the sellers are displayed selling that particular product. We have developed an algorithm which lists the users in an order based on the seller and customers closest distance approach and also the least cost methodology. A customer can order from multiple sellers in a single order, which is a big boon to the customers.Now they are not bound to give orders to the same seller and pay any price quoted. This application is for betterment of the society and a new approach required to set an example. The Customer section comes with a first in kind grocery chatbot using RASA NLU. It enables the users to add the desired amount of the products available in the marketplace. Once the word "checkout" is received by the chatbot, the shopping list created by the chatbot is then relayed to the cart. The cart in this model is maintained by a session store. It has several properties to add, delete, clear and initialize the Cart Session. This is an intricate way which also keep in the product ID for filtering. The chatbot has also a voice recognition technology which helps blind and elderly citizens if the world, who need our help and assistance, enabling them to place orders and get their basic necessities at their doorstep. The speech recognition and speech to text is achieved by IBM Watson's Speech To Text Converter. We have also looked deep into the Security part of the application very well. It is embedded with a face recognition technology using the facelib and OpenCV library. It becomes a very easy application to register as well. Even for people who are not eligible to read and write , they can easily register , login and shop at ease. This also provides a two layer security for the application, thus enabling to achieve full trust of the customer. Now coming to the seller section , it allows sellers to upload items , and add the categories they want to put it under. A simple dashboard for their sales and orders too is created. The application is wrapped end to end by integrating a stripe payment facility. On a successful order, a mail is received by the customer and also the seller with the order details. The seller only gets the details of the products he owns. So the SMTP feature is really a boost to the users. Moreover once the order is delivered, the seller can check on the delivered symbol, and a delivered message will go to the customer. The platform , as it is made in this worldwide crisis , hence we decided to add some additional facilities for our users. We added a feature in our chatbot to give corona reports based on the requested country. Severe training was required to attain this facility. Moreover we data analysts , used the datasets provided by WHO to predict whether an individual is COVID positive on the basis of symptoms. We give two options Random Forest Methodology and K Nearest Neighbor approach to attain an accuracy of about 90.32%. We also prepared a COVID DASHBOARD which provides with an interactive map and also the different statistics in beautiful charts.We have also tried to attain an Indian statistic, all updating Dynamically. We have used plotly and the Argon template for this implementation. Thus all this packed together is an application which is aimed to pitch high in the marketplace , as it serves everyone's needs and tried to fill in the gap between the local sellers and customers. Now quality and quantity will never be compromised. That's our guarantee. We are a team which unites the society into one, because everybody deserves a chance, and that's our motto to give them a platform to interact, thus providing business , providing the basic necessity and providing information all in one major web application.

Groc4All - An E-Commerce Website


1. Full Authentication via face-recognition
2. Category Add
3. Product Add
4. Shopping Cart
5. Checkout Page
6. Wishlists Create
7. Wishlish Delete
8. Profile Create
9. Profile Update
10.Shopkeeper user
11.Speech to Text Chatbot
12.Stripe Payment
13.Corona Prediction
14.COVID-19 Charts

Quick Start Guide

Clone the project repository

# change directory

# Setup Virtual Environment(LINUX)
$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate

# Install requirements
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

# Migrate db File
$ python makemigrations
$ python migrate

# Launch server
$ python runserver

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