➣ Category: Automation in Agriculture Economics through Data Feeds

The supply chain process can be a nightmare if not implemented correctly. We wanted to provide a way for smaller organizations to integrate business intelligence/logic into their existing infrastructure as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We found that Appian as a low-code, enterprise-tailored platform was the perfect solution for something like this, so we started building Ibex: a hub of actionable insights powered by connected systems like Google Cloud AutoML and Blue Prism that allows members of an organization to place themselves in the pipeline of streamed data events and statistics.

This application utilizes Appian's mobile technology as well, allowing the experience to be available on mobile, desktop and web platforms.And while it is ultimately un-opinionated, it's primary use case is in agriculture.

What it does

Pulls data from third-party APIs and uses connected system integrations + low-code as well as decision constants to showcase data and predict insights in real-time.


Retrieves data from enterprise, commercial, governmental, open, closed and public domain data sources like the Department of Agriculture's ERS and makes it actionable to your system through application-level integration.

Sentimental analysis understanding and classifying organization user SMS text as well as weather and crop data

Pulls data from multiple services, like Twitter to form one streamlined consensus on your current events in the agricultural industry.

This all comes together into a powerful bundle for organizations working in the supply-chain industry.

Use cases

For farming co-operatives who wouldn't normally have access to this level of technology, etc.


• This is just the beginning of a full-blown application that will be launched on the Appian App Market for agricultural enterprise teams using the Appian platform. There are many features that will be added, errors fixed, etc :)

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