pandemic + need for relaxation + love of music = win!

What it does

Short for image audify, iAudify offers users relaxing meditative music based on an uploaded image.

Studies have shown how effective music can be for relaxation and stress management. Music also helps us associate words to emotions - just think about how it’s easier to remember song lyrics than it is to remember a lengthy poem. So why not apply the same to images?

In doing so, iAudify allows you to meditate, relive memories, and visualize in new and immersive ways. With it, you can bring travel plans home. And perhaps a picture might even be worth a thousand songs.

How I built it

Simply upload a picture on the website, which was built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery. Upon uploading the picture, the picture is saved in a Google Storage bucket, which in turn triggers an event via Google’s Cloud Functions API. The function executes code that sends a request to Google’s Vision API to extract objects, colors, and even emotions and then stores these extracted words as labels in Firestore. The labels are then used to determine what songs to output via Web Audio API.

Challenges I ran into

Lots! Learning new languages and usage of various Google Clouds' APIs - there was a ton of trial and error.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I created a functioning web app using GCP APIs.

What I learned

A lot about APIs, a bit about Vue.

What's next for iAudify

Creating recommendation algorithm based on similar music, like what youtube and pandora does.

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