iOS App for the #IAmRemarkable campaign - made at PearlHacks 2019


We were inspired by the Google workshop Friday night on women highlighting and speaking out about their achievements. We wanted to build an app that centered around this concept, allowing women to enter why they were remarkable, and share that while also seeing the stories shared by other women.

What it does

Our app allows you to enter why you are remarkable, and then move to a community page where they can see their submission, as well as those of others.

How I built it

We built it using Xcode, Firebase Database, and Adobe Illustrator. Menaka built all of the design in Adobe Illustrator, making sure we kept a consistent color theme throughout. We used Firebase Database to save the entries of users and then display those entries again on the second screen.

Challenges I ran into

We had no experience using Firebase Database, and initially found it very challenging to save and display entries in a readable format. It took us a while to reference the documentation and refine the process of saving and reading the data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Each of our team members are proud of learning a new program, and creating a consistent design scheme and focus. We were able to get the basic functionality of our app working, even if we were not able to implement some of the more difficult features such as user accounts. We are also proud that we were able to create a product together using our diverse set of skills for our first Hackathon.

What I learned

Each of us learned a new program, as none of had any experience with Firebase or Illustrator. We were able to work through at least the basic functionality of these programs, getting a grasp on what it needed to work within them.

What's next for

We are all looking forward to more Hackathons and refining our skill set in the future.

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