During this pandemic everything was affected, people were forced to stay at home, they could not go out on there business and suffered high losses, while some were busy serving the country i.e, front line workers who worked day and night to fight this pandemic to save lives and much more. It was not only frontline workers who were contributing, it was each and every person who stayed at their home for there and others safety. Some suffered high losses but still they were at their home. So, it is clearly visible that each and every person is a hero. We all are HEROS.

So to celebrate this, I created this filter to celebrate the contribution of each and every person and bring a smile on there face. As depression and Stress became quite a common thing, people forgot how to laugh and smile, all that was left was stress, tension and negativity.

So, I thought why not to create something to bring a smile on people faces, so I added a feature to smile to start the filter. While I was creating this filter and testing it, I had to smile each time to see if it was working or not, I became so habitual of smiling that even when I was not testing the filter, I was still smiling for no reason! And this is something I want others to feel as well.

What it does

It a filter created with SparkAR, in this as soon as you load the filter, you can see a cool animated background changing constantly behind you and a superhero mask on your face. When you smile, you can see the lasers from the eyes (these are just to give superhero feel), the background animation will stop and a message #IamHero above your head will be displayed. This message is to signify that each and every person is a hero. The effect celebrates the effort, patience, sacrifice that each and every person has made be it living at there home, or a frontline worker working day and night risking there lives for others, each and every person is a hero!

How we built it

I used SparkAR Studio to create this effect along which background segmentation, animation and patch editor to create this effect. I also used AdobeXD to create the textures and resizing them so that they are at accurate position.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was to position the mask and to stop the background animation when the user smiles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I was able to complete this filter and create something that could bring the smile on the face of others.

What we learned

I learnt how to create a segmentation texture, how to use loop animation and most importantly, enhanced my SparkAR skills.

What's next for IamHero

Currently, I am planning not to do much with the filter, but will think more to add to this.

Built With

  • sparkar
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