Flutter is awesome, it is providing a great opportunity for Mobile app developers to develop mobile for both Android and iOS in a record less time with an appealing designs. I am amazed by the Flutter and decided to learn it by developing an app for Flutter . While learning Flutter App development i thought to develop an App which provide a comprehensive learning plate form for Flutter.

What it does

IamFlutter is aiming to provide useful and handy resources about Flutter to learn it and Develop mobile App.

it shows

  • Top Starred Flutter projects on Github
  • Most followed Flutter Developers on Github
  • Latest news articles about Flutter from Reddit
  • Some Great Youtube Channels to Learn Flutter
  • Flutter Community Page of Flutter Dev

How I built it

This App is developed by using Github Api, Reddit Api, Youtube Api and Flutter

Challenges I ran into

Learning Dart language, How to Fetch Data from Api creating the model class.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I feel proud and determined to provide useful resources and motivation for Developers who want to Learn Flutter.

What I learned

I learned Dart Programming Language, Flutter widgets Flutter Api Data usage and making use Listview Builder to show Data

What's next for IamFlutter

I want to include more resources into IamFlutter App to make it comprehensive resource for Flutter Learning.

  • Flutter Jobs
  • Flutter Job Interview Questions
  • Flutter Apps showcase
  • Useful Dart Packages intro and Usage articles
  • Flutter Social Groups on Facebook and Linkedin etc
  • Flutter widgets Library with Code
  • Flutter video Tutuorials
  • will server as backend to get content for each category into iamflutter App
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