It's summer time! As Covid restrictions are gradually lifted, more and more people spent time outdoors to enjoy the sun in beaches and engage in a range of adventure activities.

Accidents and injuries are not uncommon in outdoor activates. There were about 3.7 million hospitalizations stemming from outdoor injuries in 2019.

In light of this, we are building a mobile app to provide information when accidents happen touchwood.

What it does

A mobile app providing first aid information in emergency situations.

For victims:

  • search for nearby clinics and hospitals and as well as provides an option for giving an instant alarm to the health authorise nearby so that the rescue could be done.

For people wanting to help:

  • get first aid advice through hotline or first aid channel, apart from it with the help of geo-locations they. are able to get the patient safe.


First aid hotline for advice

+1 702-475-6852

+91 8449449875

Tip: you can dial international numbers for free using Google Hangouts

Communication app channel

LINE QR code

How we built it

  • Mobile app development using Flutter and used firebase to save some of the data required.

  • Chatbot development using Dialogflow

Challenges we ran into

None of us are familiar with Flutter, and we spent a lot of time learning the basics. Our initial plan is to integrate the chatbot to the mobile app, however we encounter some challenges in integration. We found tutorials for integrating the two using Kommunicate, Apart from this due to highly different time-zones it was really difficult to cope-up with the time and keep the complete development cycle going.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a functional prototype that is cross platform and can work over Android, iOS, Windows or even Web-servers and are happy that we are able to create something that can actually help in saving the life of humans.

What we learned

We learnt a lot about using Flutter for mobile development and chatbot integration. Apart from these tech-learnings we have learned the most important thing of team work and getting the things done.

What's next for iAid

  • Integrating the chatbot to the mobile app
  • Communication via Bluetooth for areas without mobile network or WiFi, so that. it could even work without any kind of internet connection.
  • We are also planing to integrate the chatbot with the Ai module so that it could interact with a more efficient way.

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