Measuring Oxygen Blood Saturation is a healthy habit. Nowadays, it is absolutely mandatory. This easy-to-get parameter is crucial to define individuals' health state. And, even more, to take the values directly to their physicians.

What it does

Our i4case_COvid fits on your mobile so that you can get your values everywhere, everytime. Data measured are recorded on a database powered with AI, that is accesible for the healthcare team monitoring you in case of CoVId infection. At the moment i4case is connected to an app (iOs and Android) that was awarded with the Sustainable Healthy Stamp of the Andalusian Health Agency.

How I built it

We have been developing it by means of a crodwfunding campaign and, at the moment it is completely adapted to the case of sport and for COPD patients. We are validating the product with medical partners in order to get the CE marking.

Challenges I ran into

We designed a really user-friendly IoT product that can be integrated on our daily life, as it accompanies your mobile. It was designed for the elderly, what requires Universal Accesibility Criteria. Our app i4case was awarded with the Sustainable Healthy Stamp of the Andalusian Health Agency. We coped with Privacy/GDPR Regulations in EU; we are about to get the CE marking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the maximum accuracy for the product and the high level of accesibility of the solution even for the more technologically challenged.

What I learned

Cooperation is crucial. Adding up is required to get the best product possible.

What's next for i4CoVid

At the moment we neeed adaptation of the sport and COPD solution to that new requirements of CoVid patients. We should develop a Data Base and a Front End Editor for the Physicians so that the IoT solution is clouded connected all the users.

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