For a college student, the presence of second-hand selling in college is surely ubiquitous: Moving in and out of freshman dorms, switching apartments, buying budget-friendly game consoles with friends, moving out again after graduation... In all these events, the constant need for students to relocate immensely contributed to the growth of online second-hand markets. Having said that, p2p reselling can be very tricky. How do you trust your buyer/seller is not lying? How do you make sure the product you're buying hasn't resold a million times? In the scenario where a deadline is given for moving out, how do you ensure your buying is going to show up on time? Indeed, that's a lot of questions.

Inspiring by students who post their unused and second-hand items on the social platform, we decide to make a platform where everyone certified as a student can post their second-hand items and trade freely without costing time on inefficient transactions happened on several social platforms -- which also let most of the people cannot find stuff they need since information is so scattered on the internet. And with our platform where all information is carefully gathered and presented, people can easily find what they want with much less time compared to the past. And that is the power of I2U -- our market platform.

S0... What is I2U Exactly?

I2U provides an online platform where everyone certified as a student and a member of the local community can post their second-hand items for sale and trade freely without paying more to the dealer. People are encouraged to post their unused items on the platform to help those people who are in need, such as students in the new semester looking for a second-hand book that can save them hundreds even thousands of dollars. With our platform, people can easily browser detailed information of every second-hand item on sale in the market, and contact the seller without barriers from the platform. The platform encourages reusing while there are things that are simply sitting in the corner for several months. And that's not just beneficial for people's economic situations. While people can save more money from unnecessary purchases, we are also essentially protecting our environments from unnecessary garbage -- while many of them are still valuable and contributory to society.

Don't worry, I2U is here to save the day!

Don't worry! I2U is the sole existing platform to restrict purchasing between authenticated students. All you need is a valid student ID and we'll place you in the corresponding channel of your institution! In here, you can buy/sell easily with your trusted peers without ever have to worry about fraudulent orders and sellers. With the reassurance that the product you're buying hasn't been resold for millions of times and thereby more likely to endure the test of time, you'll fall in love with budget-saving with second-hand markets. In addition, you're in a movement that's in itself bigger - maximizing the utilization of goods and contribute to saving our planet with less potential waste. How great is that?

How we built it

Our backend is a Restful Spring Boot application utilizing hibernate for persistence and MySQL for DBMS. For Frontend, we used React.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest enemy was time. Coming up with an idea and implement a full-fledged working product in a day and a half is an extremely challenging task for a team of three. We faced constant sleep deprivation and the subsequent difficulties to focus with the spirit of a hacker - indulge in caffeine! On the bright side, this also gives us infinite hope for the future. Like us, this product will surely grow with time.

What's next for I2U

First, we are going to remold our fundamental features: optimizing databases, improving stability, implement the full functionalities of selling within colleges. Then, for new and exciting features, we are going to implement some of the most desired features we craved as second-hand sellers and buyers. These including seller/buyer reputation, trust score, auction & more!

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