Ordering pizza on mobile sucks. None of the places have good apps or mobile sites. I was want pizza, is it that hard?

What it does

Our app is a linguistic user interface for pizza ordering. Just tell it what kind of pizza you want, any extra toppings, and thats it. Pizza is on its way. So much faster than going through bad mobile sites.

How I built it

Our voice bot runs on It keeps a list of pizzas, and a list of toppings for each pizza. When the user is happy with their pizza choice, the order goes off to dominos.

Challenges I ran into

React-native doesn't support microphone. Dominos api is non-official and leaves a lot to be desired. Microphone doesn't work on production web without https. Our https isn't working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works! at least on your test machine.

What I learned

React native is not ready for prime time.

What's next for I Want Pizza

Fix our bugs, port back to react-native or native ios code, and go live.

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