How much are you willing to sacrifice for a cookie?

We used an advanced technology stack to collect critical user data from the cookie industry's focus groups. A simple, minimalist interface makes the service approachable to users of all ages. Featuring modern encryption standards, confidential information is safe from hackers and other malicious attackers.

--A note from the Lead Developer: As a child, I grew up running down the neighborhood, climbing up trees, and otherwise exploring the greater world. My grandma had troubles with me, hopelessly beckoning me back to the safety and the comfort of the house. I, being a small child with little understanding of the world, oft ignored her pleas, in my own fruitless attempts to conquer nature. Yet my grandmother had one secret that kept me at my home. The aroma of her homemade cookies drew me from blocks away. The goowie chocolate chips brought bliss to my mouth. Her cooking made me domestic.

Now, in this digital age, I found that the technological increases that dominate the twenty-first century more often than not unite us, bringing us closer on social media. I've watched with wonder as Facebook unites long-lost friends, and Twitter brings the Stars down to earth to be out neighbors. And now, recently, I feel confident that technology has advanced to such a point that I can express my own idea- that wholesome image of the kid eating the cookie. My goal is to bring this tranquility to the largest amount people as I can, and to humbly accept wherever this deed may take me, if it's only through one Hackathon or to the Highest Throne in Humanity, reserved only to the greatest thinkers and philosophers. Time will tell, but I will fulfill my own role ceaselessly, offering people a moment of peace through my homemade cookies.

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