Have you ever left your house and thought “Wait, did I leave the stove on?” or “Did I remember to lock my door?”. Well have no fear, because we are here to answer those questions and alleviate those fears with our smart buildings application “I Think I Left the Stove on” or just ITILSO for short.

What it does

Today we created a web based application that alerts you about whether or not you left your stove on, or left your door unlocked, or any variety of sensor based notification. Our webapp is very easily adapted and customizable to fit any home that is equipped with smart sensors (even those without stoves). The idea of the product is that if the user leaves the house the product will alert them with a notification if they forgot to turn their stove off, or if they forgot to lock their front door, etc. That way the individual has peace of mind that they didn’t forget anything important and thus prevent tragedy from ensuing.

How I built it

The way that the ITILSO functions is first the user will link their phone to the system which communicates over wifi using an Intel Edison®. This is done using a webapp that is hosted at a separate location. The user gives the app their phone carrier as well as whether they would like an e-mail or an SMS message notification. This server communicates directly with the Edison to let it know what type of notification to send, and to whom it should be sent. After the specific phone is linked to the Edison, our product will monitor its wifi connection with the phone. When said phone disappears from the network as they leave their house the Edison will prepare and send a specific message alerting the status of all the connected smart sensors.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenges we ran into were using the Edison (writing code to it) and using the Edison to scan WIFI for a loss in signal. We were able to solve the first by implementing our own netcat and the second was semi-solved but ended up being to much to solve in a small time frame.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are extremely proud of our entire project. No of us have ever done anything like this before, let alone in 23 hours. We are proud of all the programs and hardware we wrote and built and how they all worked together (mostly =D). We are very excited for what the future may hold.

What I learned

We learned a lot about teamwork and collaboration. Must of our members had never used this type of equipment before and we learned a lot about Linux and Python and their use in real world design.

What's next for I Think I Left The Stove On

Our future builds of this project will include custom build smart sensors (for stoves or door locks especially). Our team chose to stray away from including these in our first build due to the wide variety of differences in construction as well as availability of different smart sensors on the market. Our goal for this project was to be as portable and customizable to be able to interface and work with a wide variety of ideas due to ease of use.

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