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The I Spy team consisted of Junior Developers who wanted to expand coding skills from the simplicity of javascript and Meteor and integrate that knowledge with third party API, libraries, and packages. The team wanted to build an application the revolved around Google Maps, user interaction, and the real time feature of Meteor.

I Spy is an application which allow users to upload photos and place location markers on the map of where the photo was taken. Each location marker is linked to filepicker's S3 database using the url populated by filepicker. Users are able to click the location marker to view the photo taken at that location.

I Spy integrates Meteor,, and Google Maps API. For styling, the team used Foundation and SASS.

Creating I Spy challenged the team's ability to problem solve and find resources due to the complications which arise when integrating third party API, packages, and libraries. The most time consuming challenge was linking the location marker from Google Map with the url provided by filepicker.

The team's accomplishments and success could not have been achieved without everyone's dedication, drive, and tenacity to complete the Meteor challenge. Frequent scrum meetings allowed members to discuss current problems and future tasks. The team is most proud of the design of the application on both the front and back end.

Team members would like to develop more features such as up-votes, down-votes, sorting, and commenting. A possible spin-off of I-Spy would be a game for road trips, schools, and events.

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