Many of us have seen people discarding things that aren't useful to them, but those discarded items can be useful for people who are relocating and need things for a temporary period of time. It is a challenge for them to avail necessary items at an affordable rate and providing such people a platform to rent items based on their budget is our inspiration.

What it does

With the growing population, everything at an affordable price has become an ever increasing demand in the rental market. Our project is an online platform which provides people with rentals offers and deals based on their requirement and budget. For example, whenever a person relocates to a new city, he/she can use our portal to rent items for his necessities. Moreover, someone who has those items and is not using them can earn some money by renting out those things.

How we built it

  • We implemented frontend using React.
  • For backend, we used MongoDB for storing data of users and products.
  • Express and node for server API calls.
  • Razorpay API for payment integration.

Challenges we ran into

  • Some technical skills were quite new to us and it took time to gain confidence in them.
  • Most of our initial time was spent to resolve conflicts which happened due to different coding style.
  • We had to combine a lot of different technologies which was difficult in the small-time crunch that we had.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We built our website fully functional in two days.
  • We used MongoDB for storing data and also Express for API calls.

What we learned

The foremost thing we learnt is team and time management. Apart from this we brushed up our development skills which paved our path for further in technology.

What's next for I-share

  • Making the interface more user-friendly by implementing chatbox embedded in the website.
  • Implementing a feedback section for the products.
  • Verifying the users.
  • Implementing a discord/whatsapp chat bot for easy access to the site.
  • Insurance for items on rent.
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