Project idea : We will develop an application for Android platforms that allows the students to donate textbooks and school supplies to other students. The application displays the donated items along with their description and pictures. If a student is interested in receiving an item, the app will initiate the request that facilitates the communication with the donor. Target Group: Students of Taibah University. Objectives :

  1. Promote the behavior of giving back to the community among Taibah students.
  2. Contribute to reducing the cost of higher education.
  3. Facilitate reusing educational materials.


  1. Serve the TU community.
  2. Contribute to the digital transformation of the TU.
  3. Support voluntary work.
  4. Supports TU vision.

Examples of things that can be donated and displayed on the application: ● Textbooks. ● School and office supplies. ● Scientific calculator. ● Laboratory items and technologies. future work: apply it in all University of Saudi Arabia

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